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Franchise Brands, LLC will share its expertise and best practices to maximize the growth and profitability potential of each portfolio company. Partnerships are firmly based on developing and maintaining strong relationships between Franchise Brands, LLC and the operating management of the portfolio company. Development Managers intend to use a reasonable amount of time to review and understand the operations of each partner company and identify opportunities to bring best practices and strategic planning tools into practice. This approach greatly enhances the partners' collective ability to maximize future growth opportunities.

Every effort is made to streamline the process:

Our Process

Whether a business is in an early stage of growth or has become a leader in its category, the challenges of franchising are considerable. Balancing the issues of responsible growth, managing financial stability and exploring new opportunities are just the beginning. Based on the type of investment and the needs of the business, the various functions of the new franchising company will be assigned to, or shared by the two partners:

Function Franchise
Retail Technology
Real Estate
Strategic Planning

Primary Responsibility
Supporting Role
Joint Responsibility

Some services may be assigned to outside contractors on a fee for service basis. Franchise Brands, LLC or an affiliate company may also be hired to perform some of these services.

The company brings a wealth of franchising knowledge and experience to each relationship. This, coupled with the ability to provide funding, makes Franchise Brands, LLC unique, and a solid partner for both young and established companies.

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